Bubble tree

As an eight year old girl I started drawing trees and I haven’t stopped since. Every painting is an expression of emotions. This Bubble tree in green and red is an expression of feeling grounded while being in a dreamlike state. Being able to float without loosing your anchor. Acrylics on canvas 50 x 50 […]

Dansing dervish

A while ago I gained a fascination for the image of dervishes dancing. Something to do with the pictures and artworks @sinancan77posted. The swirling and turning made me wonder about what one would observe and experience when continuously twirling around your own inner core? This little painting puzzled me for quite a while. Do the patterns […]

Peacock in a courtyard

About a year ago @hesterassen posted a picture of a peacock in a beautiful stone monastery on Instagram. Because of the filter I thought it was a painting but Hester told me it was not. So I started working on one immediately. After finishing the background however, I hesitated. Ripping up and sticking on hundreds of little […]