De zwarte koningin

Een psychologisch-historische roman over de ontmaskering van macht, corruptie en verraad in de hoogste kringen van het Franse hof. ‘De zwarte koningin’ van Catharina Botermans speelt zich af in Parijs, 1580. Als dochter van de nieuwe bibliothecaris maakt de jonge Fiora haar debuut aan het Franse hof. Het duurt niet lang voor ze koningin-moeder Catherine […]

Self portrait #2

This is me. Or at least this has been me these past couple of weeks. Watching, feeling, trying (trying!) not to judge. Connecting to the real me. Trying to feel without judgement, without strain. They seem to be two worlds apart, the me that existed before the summer (full on, pushy, never waisting a second, […]

Self portrait #1

The final result. A painting build organically, one element at the time. It represents, in all ways possible, the immens stress and anxiety I felt this summer; the structures I found within that mess; the messages I wrote myself to reduce the stress; the explanations I gave myself; and perhaps most importantly the renewed connection […]