Self portrait #1

The final result. A painting build organically, one element at the time. It represents, in all ways possible, the immens stress and anxiety I felt this summer; the structures I found within that mess; the messages I wrote myself to reduce the stress; the explanations I gave myself; and perhaps most importantly the renewed connection […]

Gallery Butterflies

When the corona crisis hit, I found myself devoid of all creativity. My mind was overflowing with worries about my work, my kids, the safety of friends and family. I did not loose the urge to draw, but I did loose my ability to create. In order to remedy the urge to paint I started […]

Memory boxes

How often do we end up with fragments of our past; items that once belonged to those who are no longer with us; or tokens of those big events in life, marriage, giving birth, or even just a place to keep your most precious photos or your children’s drawings. This remembrance box is designed to […]